Allan Sekula: Ship of Fools / Dockers’ Museum

Book launch/talks
Book launch
28 Feb 2015

Johann Jacobs Museum, Zürich

As the closing event of the current exhibition, Johann Jakobs Museum presents the book Ship of Fools/The Dockers' Museum and will hold a conference in the artist's honor in collaboration with Maumaus, Lisbon.

-11 am -1 pm: Benjamin Buchloh
(in conversation with Roger M. Buergel) On the legacies of Conceptual Art
-2 pm - 5 pm: Manthia Diawara - On the Films of Allan Sekula
Hilde Van Gelder - Ship of Fools and ‘The Rights of Man:’ Allan Sekula’s Reconsidered Humanism
Alberto Toscano - Landscapes of Capital