Artist Talk: Martin Le Chevallier

With Gert Gielis
Martin Le Chevallier & Gert Gielis
10 Nov 2016


Refter, Hollands College, Pater Damiaanplein 9

Münster, the new film by Martin Le Chevallier (°1968, France), narrates the story of an Anabaptist community that has written history in the North-German city of Münster. They combined a revolutionary faith with a communist way of life avant la lettre. Alas, the dream would not last long… Martin Le Chevallier will explain his new work, which has its world premiere in Leuven. He will be joined in his lecture by Gert Gielis (postdoctoral researcher, FWO-Flanders), who will shed more light on the historical context of the Anabaptist movement.

Admission is free and without reservation.

Organized by Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography and M Museum Leuven.