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Le Mounier MarieKeller-GerberAlessandra, (2024). Mise(s) en images - Mise(s) en mots de soi: le potentiel heuristique de la photographie pour l’apprentissage du français chez les étudiants de mobilité en Suisse. In Kaouthar Ben Abdallah, Dana Di Pardo Leon-Henri (ed.) De l’appropriation langagière en contextes plurilingues et pluriculturels, Quelles approches, quels outils et quels enjeux pour la didactique du FLE/FLS ? Lausanne : Peter Lang, 2024, DOI 10.3726/b21333


At the beginning of 2021, as part of a program for international students at the University of Fribourg (CH), we designed a course in French as a foreign language based on photographsEntitled Mise(s) en mots - mise(s) en images de soi, the course offered participants the opportunity to observe photographic and literary works, meet artists and their work, take photographs and write texts in French. Considering the potential of the arts and humanities to promote exploratory learning, the emphasis was on producing meaning from the sensory, and working on poetic forms of language. This article presents the emergence of this training program, and the action research it was part of. It is the outcome of a collaboration between two researchers-didacticiansone trained in art history and language didactics, working in the field of academic mobility from an FSO/FUP perspective, the other an artist-photographer and teacher, conducting interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of language didactics, art and the history of photography.

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