Prof. Hilde Van Gelder contributed to the new publication Place.Labour.Capital. published by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore.

Place.Labour.Capital. connects cultural production and artistic research to broader political and social concerns engaging readers with contemporary debates in Southeast Asia and beyond. The title of the publication refers to the framework employed at NTU CCA Singapore in its first cycle of activities (2013–2016). Singapore, as the world’s second largest trading port and the economic epicentre for the region of Southeast Asia, served as an important point of departure to examine the intersections between locality and the global world, labour and flows of capital. Place. Labour. Capital. serves equally as a rear-view mirror that enables an art institution to review the parameters of its own position in times of a globalised art world and knowledge-production economies.  This extensive publication “reminds us that institution building remains enormously significant as a means of opening up new spaces, claims, communities, dialogues, publics, and trajectories for critical artistic practice.” (Felicity D. Scott, Associate Professor Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York).

Unfolding across four broad sections—“The Making of an Institution,” “The Geopolitical and the Biophysical,” “Incidental Scripts,” and “Incomplete Urbanism”—this publication reads as an exhibition. Drawing connections across disciplines and merging theory with practice, Place.Labour.Capital. weaves together a constellation of different bodies of materials from essays to poetry, fiction, artworks, and documentation of the Centre’s past exhibitions. Richly illustrated, the publication brings together the voices of more than 80 contributors to the Centre’s programmes from former Research Fellows such as Regina (Maria) Möller (Germany), T. K. Sabapathy (Singapore), and Yvonne Spielmann (Germany) to former Artists-in-Residence including Amanda Heng (Singapore), Shooshie Sulaiman (Malaysia), Erika Tan (Singapore/United Kingdom), Lee Wen (Singapore), and Yee I-Lann (Malaysia), to participants in the public programmes: Stefano Harney (United States/Singapore), Nikos Papastergiadis (Australia), Post-Museum (Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei, Singapore), David Teh (Australia/Singapore), to name just a few.

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