Studies in Iconology: A book series by Barbara Baert


Studies in Iconology is a peer-reviewed series, published by Peeters Publishers and directed by prof. dr. Barbara Baert, member of our scientific board. Studies in Iconology accepts original and interdisciplinary contributions in the broader field of art theory and art history. The series addresses an audience that seeks to understand any aspect and any deeper meaning of the visual medium along the history of mankind in the fields of philosophy, art history, theology and cultural anthropology.

Vol. 1: Nymph, Motif, Phantom, Affect
Vol. 2: Late Medieval Enclosed Gardens of the Low Countries
Vol. 3: 'Locus Amoenus' and the Sleeping Nymph
Vol. 4: Nymph, Motif, Phantom, Affect. Part II
Vol. 5: Kairos or Occasion as Paradigm in the Visual Medium
Vol. 6: In Response to Echo
Vol. 7: Revisiting Salome's Dance in Medieval and Early Modern Iconology (in press)
Vol. 8: Carlo Dolci. A Refreshment (authored by Joseph Imorde; in press)

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Prof. dr. Barbara Baert - Chair of Art History
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Blijde Inkomststraat 21/Postbus 3313, 3000 Leuven

Lieven Gevaert Centre
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