Junggesellenmaschinen; the myth exhibited

Harald Szeemann’s work in the 1970’s
Michela Sacchetto

Within her Phd, Michela Sacchetto propose to investigate the articulations in between the use of the concept and the form of the myth in Harald Szeemann’s work and the intellectual and artistic context of the 1970’s, through the prism of the thematic and itinerant exhibition Junggesellenmaschinen (The Bachelors Machines, 1975-1976).

She aims to analyze Junggesellenmaschinen as a complex fictional apparatus acting within the 1970’s debate on art and society played on the stage of museums. She assumes that Szeemann’s use of a critical and ironical conception of myth is a reaction to the cultural debate after May 1968 and to the neoliberal and patriarchal management of art and exhibitions and that this goes with the contextual reconsideration of the exhibition as a medium of expression.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Streitberger
8 Jan 2017 to 8 May 2022