"Radical Neutrality" by Hilde Van Gelder

Hilde Van Gelder

7 pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 243459-69

On the 13th of April LGC-director Hilde Van Gelder will present a lecture on the work of artist Peter Friedl under the name of "Radical Neutrality" in KW Berlin. 

“All images lie when they are not read right.” We might understand this phrase, taken from Peter Friedl’s essay The Purloined Philosopher (2011), as one of the artist’s leitmotifs. His investigative works address the root of what is at stake in today’s world: an ambition for real equality among all humans, as embedded in a well-balanced more-than-human constellation. Julen Madariaga, Anne Bonny, Tendai Pfepferere: they are but a few of Friedl’s proposed, silent exemplaseeking to disarm present-day hegemonic power configurations in society. What if the “black man” did not show up too late, but instead arrived on the scene ahead of his time? What if her time is now, or still to come, if imminently so? Could this be “reported” by means of staging multilingual nonactors untheatrically, asking each one of them to recite from memory in their native language a translation of the same militant text by Franz Kafka? Peter Friedl’s radically neutral approach of enunciation helps us discover the germs of a new sensus communis in-the-making. Soon, the visitor of Peter Friedl’s Report 1964-2022 realizes that she can put trust in his reflexive, “intelligent” images. As she learns how to read them right, she finds that they speak truthfully about a much longed for community-in-construction.

Registration will take place via reservation@kw-berlin.de

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KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts
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