Seminar: Mathieu Pernot on Atlas in Motion

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Mathieu Pernot, Atlas in Motion, Wednesday 15.05.2024

On May 15th, 2024, French artist/photographer Mathieu Pernot will come to KU Leuven to present his work Atlas in Motion to our Photo Hybrids students. His visit will also be an opportunity for our master students to present the projects they have carried out this semester. 

About Atlas in Motion:

"What can we imagine, based on the boats swallowed up by the Mediterranean Sea? Can a forest preserve the memory of those who have passed through it? What can the sky tell us about the history of the beholder? How can we inhabit our bodies when we have to leave the place where we built ourselves?

In response, French artist and photographer Mathieu Pernot proposes a new form of storytelling, in which a shared history is told in several voices. Combining photographs, videos, handwritten documents, maps and found objects, the atlas reverses the current view of migrants. Most often the anonymous, anxiety-inducing subjects of media discourse, these individuals are here named and inscribed in the long history of the knowledge of which they are the repositories.

From Mosul to Aleppo, from Lesbos to Calais by way of Paris, Atlas in Motion crosses the times and territories of exile and sets out to meet those who have the strength of hope. It sets images in motion, creating a space in which to represent the fragile history of migrants. He tells us that this story is part of a common history that we must write together."

For more information (in French) :

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