New Article: De l’Altera Lingua À l’Altera Imago : pour aller vers l’autre, il faut l’imaginer by Marie Le Mounier


Publication: Elatiana Razafimandimbimana, Gail Prasad (dir.) Altera lingua ou la construction sociale de l’altérité linguistique, Glottopol, 39, 2023. DOI :

Visual practices can give rise to discourses that produce phenomena of exclusion. The aim of this article is, firstly, to take a critical look at images, focusing on recurring motifs relating to migrants and migration. Emphasizing that discourses on migration are inextricably linked to images that circulate, it will examine the way in which their dissemination contributes to the discursive construction of stereotyped ideas. These stereotypes, apart from generating discriminatory behaviors, pose an obstacle to understanding the situation on the ground and constructing a fairer societal project. Should we, however, give up on images? More than the images themselves, it's the way we approach them that needs to be reconsidered. Mathieu Pernot, artist and photographer, has delved into how visual representations affect migration issues.His project, “Atlas in Motion” attests to the potential of art to offer an alternative to the anxiety-inducing and alarmist narratives that migrants are subjected to, as well as to change the way they perceive themselves.

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