Els Opsomer Vitrine # 135 - on my own...


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LUCA Library Sint-Lukas - Paleizenstraat 70 - 1030 Brussels

If we assume  
that we are mortal, it is recommended 
to begin every further day of our lives 
with some mildness.  

Mildness towards ourselves, 
towards what surrounds us. 

  • Growing [up], growing [together], life goes on

____  e bekke sebiet  (bit by bit, little by little, step by step)____ 1 


a little bit every day. 


Steps mostly taken by ourselves. 


·        This autumn vitrine makes the tranenvallei, vallée des larmesTränenpalast, valley of tears 2  available to hide all the thoughts lost or to be released behind these tears. Take a paper / post-it, write in the language you love the thoughts you want to let go of and stick them behind this curtain.


Hopefully these tears can warm your lost thoughts  

can give rise to new ideas or new horizons.  


·        Past years have been particularly alienating. Particularly for the younger generation to whom the opportunity for carefree development was taken away. During this period, this library remained an anchor of knowledge, solace and encounter (especially with ourselves).


On the round table, I ask visitors to place a book that represents mildness / consolation / enthusiasm for them. This way, we can all stroll alone in one another's thoughts. It is also a request to honour the uniqueness of this library and, above all, to keep it going.


1.     quote from Céline van Asse, quoted by way of tribute by Michel Kolenberg, inspirer of this showcase ...

2.     In Berlin from 1961 to 1989, the Tränenpalast was the only border crossing between East and West Berlin where people said goodbye to each other without really being sure ever to see each other again. Beyond the loaded history of the place, the word is particularly beautiful to describe inner Schmerz.

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