Lecture: From Ground Sea to Drowning Street by Prof. dr. Hilde Van Gelder


June 18, 2024


Kunsthistorisches Institut, Kiel

On June 18, 2024 Hilde Van Gelder will give a public lecture at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Kiel, on the invitation of Dr. Johannes von Mueller and Prof. dr. Caecilie Weissert. She will also teach a focus workshop to its students the following day on experimental forms of writing in art history.
Navigating in the Strait of Dover with photographic equipment and a sailing darkroom on board, Hilde Van Gelder has, since 2020, been pursuing an investigative art historical research that aligns with Gilles Grelet’s “marine herethics” (in: Theory of the Solitary Sailor, 2022). At CAU Kiel, Van Gelder will present selections from her doodling practice, as she calls it, developed in the wake of her seminal book Ground Sea. Photography and the Right to Be Reborn (2021). She will address both digital and analog photographs, in particular two sequences of cyanotypes (Fata Morgana and Drowning Street, 2024); and a set of oil paintings on canvas scraps, entitled Engel \ and (2022-2024). These doodles seek to scrutinize the power of the visual image for raising awareness about the massive impact of borders and boundaries on each and everyone’s lives today.

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