Les iconothèques d'écrivains xxème siècle (1920-1980)

Several speakers

Maison de la Francité
Rue Joseph II 18
1000 Bruxelles

Literary history is generally built around the text and the book; in this sense, writers' libraries are recognized as environments intimately linked to literary creation. However, a good number of authors surround themselves just as willingly with images of various kinds, which they collect, classify or display according to variable devices. A contemporary term, the "iconotheque" covers various realities: the image store of the 19th century, but also the collection, the stock, and more recently the directory or the database. The aim of this day of reflection will be to examine, in relation to the historical, social and cultural contexts, the notion of writer's iconotheque between 1920 and 1980, in the French-speaking world. It is a question of thinking about iconotheques in the mode of libraries, as spaces of conception of literary works, refuges, museums or even symbolic places, in order to confront the concrete character of the iconotheque with its imaginary dimension.

After a conference in Paris in January 2021 and before the one in Montreal in April 2022, these days form the second part of the cycle Iconotheques d'écrivains in the framework of the HANDLING project on the manipulation of images.


Wednesday 15 September
Accueil et introduction

9h45 Olivier LUGON
Une collection d’images pour les autres? Nicolas Bouvier
iconographe professionnel

10h25 Luc VIGIER
Autour des murs d’images d’Aragon

11h05 Pause

11h20 Frédéric ACQUAVIVA
Banques d’images et braquages créatifs chez Isidore Isou
et Gil J Wolman

12h00 Fabrice FLAHUTEZ
Qu’est-ce que le lettrisme d’Isidore Isou fait à Henri
Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Vincent Van Gogh et d’autres?

12h40 Repas

Voyager. Perdurer. Les valises bibliothèque-de-travail et
les valises-archives de Christian Dotremont

14h55 Philippe DEWOLF
André Balthazar et le Daily-Bul, une iconothèque

15h35 Gwendoline MORÁN DEBRAINE
Achille Chavée au service des vocations artistiques

16h15 Pause

16h30 Alain KORKOS
Tentative de rencensement des images dissimulées dans
La vie mode d’emploi de Perec

17h30 Entretien avec Muriel PIC, chercheuse et autrice, sur les
stocks d’images et la poétique du montage (par Anne

19h00 Dîner littéraire avec Muriel PIC

Thursday 16 September
10h00 Michel MURAT
Le surréalisme, ou l’enfance des images

10h40 Patricia SUSTRAC
L’iconothèque bretonne de Max Jacob

11h20 Pause

11h35 Serge LINARÈS
Cocteau et la rémanence des images

12h15 Martine CRÉAC’H
Donner à voir. Images des murs de Paul Eluard

13h00 Repas

Study days organized by LGC-fellow Anne Reverseau and Marcela Scibiorska in the framework of the ERC HANDLING program (UCLouvain).

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