Moral Seascapes. Modern Transformations of the Imagery of Shipwreck


Institut für Germanistik

Universität Wien

Universitätsring 1, 1010

Vienna, Austria

On Friday the 20th of May at 10.30 am, LGC-director Hilde Van Gelder will give a workshop named "Grundsee: Claiming a right to be reborn" at the conference "Moral Seascapes. Modern Transformations of the Imagery of Shipwreck" in Vienna, Austria, organised by Zfl-Berlin and the University of Vienna.

The overall aim of the conference is to bring together perspectives from visual history and the cultural history of moralities, with an agenda of mutual illumination. Concerns might include:

What connections might we make between representations of shipwreck and the visual economy of the sea itself?
How does the weight of historical associations borne by the sea impact engagement with imperiled seafarers in the contemporary world?
What affective assumptions are made in cultural representations of the sea—what emotional responses do they demand of the viewer?
How might technological innovations which mediate the limits of what is ethically possible impact our understanding of historical shifts in the sea as a moral landscape?
Might we usefully draw parallels between the distance which underpins the aesthetic enjoyment of the maritime landscape and the distance—both physical and ethical—which allows for an attitude of moral detachment from suffering?


For the full programme consult this link.

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